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                                    Lime Plastering

Period houses and rubble stone wall cottages were traditionally internally plastered in lime. Internal plastering to the walls and ceilings would be fairly smooth using a coarse mix with hair and for top quality plastering the final coat would be richer in lime and then polished to a smooth finish and  painted in lime wash/lime paint.

When introducing a modern gypsum plaster or cement render to the internal walls of a period house or cottage, by a tradesman  who has little or no knowledge of traditional building skills, this can in fact have a serious effect on the building.

All plaster renovations and miner patch repairs must be carried out in two or three coat lime plaster work, for a very important reason lime plaster is permeable, which allows any moisture in the wall to pass through the lime plaster; which in turn allows the wall to ‘breathe’.
Lime plaster has elasticity an essential factor in old listed buildings, important in minimising cracking and allowing for miner movements in oak framed houses or
rubble stone wall cottages, including brick built period houses.  
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