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                             Lime Render

The picture is of a oak framed house with brick infill panels, that has been very poorly repaired using little knowledge or the skill required to carry out the restoration work. You can see that the builder has used  modern bricks to the infill panels and has also used a cement mortar mix. You can also see the modern cement render that the builder has used to render the external wall. This has retained moister in the wall masonry allowing damp and rot to set in.
The restoration work to this house requires specialised oak frame repair skills and materials, hand made bricks, lime mortar and three coat lime render work to the external wall.


Period houses were traditionally rendered in lime render for a very good reason, lime render is permeable which allows any moisture in the wall to pass through the lime render which in turn allows the wall to ‘breathe’. Modern cement rich rendering is impervious and prevents the masonry wall from breathing this will trap moisture behind the cement rendering and can cause damp to the inside wall this can cause rot to set into the timbers, stone or masonry wall.                                                                                       
Lime rendering relies on good background preparation work the dubbing out of all damaged joints. First coat is by casting or harling a suction bond and mechanical keying is how the lime render adheres to subsequent coats two and three.
Lime render is the only render that should be used on listed buildings restoration or renovation projects, because of its durability, elasticity and vapour exchange capabilities.
Lime render can be used on the following backgrounds
Cob                             Earth                           Stone
Wooden lath               Soft bricks                   Porous blocks
Medium brick              Dense bricks                Dense stone

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